Spring-summer 2020

This collection has no original name. In fact, it has no name. It’s just “Spring-Summer 2020”, it seemed to us that there was no need to call it in any way, that the very different patterns already had their own names.

The design of this collection was a really nice process, it took more time than necessary and the best creations are made on low heat. Maybe something told us that this collection was going to be in a different context, we did not know how or when, but suddenly things can change. The world has stopped and a pandemic has left us all for a season. It made us think, it gave us thanks, it made us think, it made us say goodbye to our loved ones from afar,… And especially us, it gave us more strength to create more beautiful clothes, made in Spain and with value.

Despite the circumstances, we are happy because hundreds of pretty girls have opted for our creations. Bonica in Love comes out stronger and more excited to continue dressing the pretty girls.

Bonica in Rock 2019-2020

We couldn’t create a more rocker and pretty collection! The autumn and winter seasons always bring us a certain beautiful melancholy, when we conceive several months in advance, we pass by the time when the cold comes, in which we will have to cover the body. But we are still looking to continue to fill the world with color. In the Bonica in Rock collection of OI2019-2020, we seek to bring out the coolest side of pole prints without neglecting our essence of clothing with naive touches. In these clothes, the musical notes dance to the sound of the stars.

The note of emotion is put by the protagonists of the print Funny Dogs, it is the cartoons of the dogs of our lives, in shirt and pants, they were a real success. We don’t leave geometrics aside and our most modern grannies dance in another motif full of joy. May the beautiful rock always be with us!

PV19 Summer Afternoon

And summer has arrived!

We dreamed of a season where color and large prints were the protagonists. So we draw all our positive energy and create “Summer Afternoon”. Do you remember the feeling of having the afternoon to walk on the beach, have an ice cream and take a good bath?

Well, that’s what we wanted to talk about … in such a way that we created comfortable and very portable models this season of the year. And especially super different and original designs.

Love, which is always present in every design that comes to mind, materialized this time in a precious love, that of our grandparents Don Álex and Doña Angelita, two loving old men who walk their love in the streets of our city. Always holding hands and always with a rocker and authentic look.

Magic AW 18/19

In this collection, we have taken the plunge: make our own prints! We have always wanted to make our clothes as original and different aspossible. When we drew everything we imagined, we couldn’t imagine how happy we would be to see our stories in textiles.

Finally the time had come to realize a real and big dream, our prints would go down the streets walking hand in hand with dresses, skirts or shirts of #chicasbonicas.
We create Magic, which was before and after for us.
A collection where all the prints were created by our team.
Our clothes hang today on many hangers for girls who wanted to dare to go 100% beautiful dressed.
It was then that we realized that the fashion we had always dreamed of was possible.
Bonica in Love fabrics will never be the same again, they will always bear our brand.
If you look at them carefully, there is always one of our symbols, our B of Bonica, our name, a sign that only we recognize… but what our prints really wear are pieces of our soul.

Wild Emotion PV18

With the Wild Emotion collection, we decided to create clothes that would delight all the girls who would try it. It must have been a crazy emotion, like wanting to underline the joy of finding a garment with which one feels comfortable. The clothes you see and keep your mouth open.

We looked for a frame for the photo shoot in which nature offered “wild” landscapes and was always mixed with the soft tone that characterizes our brand.

The creations of this season were a commitment to the shirt dresses with suspenders, the long skirts that we had never made, the tops and very summer dresses and the blouses with French sleeves. We have given a naive touch to all the clothes. Balloons flying over colorful clouds, flamingos among the flowers, polka dots on a green background, flowers and swans were among the prints that enchanted. We love animals and in this collection we highlight it.

Spring always evokes color for us, even more than we always want to put on our clothes, and that is why the PV18 clothes were a bet on very bright and cheerful tones.

Sweet Friday OI 17/18

Fridays were for us working days and marked a weekend without interruption. It was the only gap that we could fill to be together and strengthen a project that we all believed with a lot of heart.

On Friday noon, it was time to design not only clothes, but also to create the Bonica in Love brand. For this reason, this collection, which was the first fruit of our team union, is for us a real accumulation of emotions. We created clothes such as the brown vichi set with border on the skirt and the matching shirt, an idea that seemed very cute to us. But we also created our first long wrap dress, full of flowers. Well, in fact, we are creating everything new. It was the first step forward and we took it with a firm step.

Dresses inspired by the 60s, a printed bomber jacket or a neoprene evening dress, these were clothes that delighted us and we believe that we were really courageous in taking them out, we wanted to bring something different and above all, we were perfectly understood.

Ropa auténtica para gente original

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