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Our history is not very long, but it is very beautiful.

If you ask us when exactly Bonica in Love was born, we don’t know exactly how to set a date. We registered the brand itself and started working as a team in 2017. But the “Bonica” project has carried our whole lives in each of us.

We are a very different group of people, we come from different fields which always makes us create with different points of view and form a puzzle which suits us perfectly. We are creative, dreamers, we smile a lot, we like to see the bright side of life and we try to project what we like most: a super original fashion intended for original girls. We like to say that we make “authentic” fashion, with the cachet of putting all our efforts to create clothes really different from our imagination.

We always wanted to put something together, each separately, and suddenly, one day almost by magic, we got together and created what you now know as Bonica in Love.

Sustainable production and in Spain

If anything was very clear to us, it was that the soul of Bonica would be Made in Spain. We believe in the value of each item, the development of each item of clothing with care and in a sustainable manner.

Therefore, our production process is in Spain, especially in Murcia. We produce in small and medium workshops with which we have established a very large and very beautiful link. We are a very complete team with a smile and the search for good work.

Always with us

We would have to go back to 2017 to put the starting point to this beautiful story. But it is true that Bonica in Love had been in us for a long time, even if we didn’t know it in the past, something inside us told us that we would make something great, something that would add value to the world.

During these years, the illusion has invaded us. And that’s what we captured in each design.

``Bonica`` & ``In Love``

“Bonica” is a precious adjective that determines that something or someone is beautiful but said with even more affection. “Bonica” is this girl who goes around the world, who dreams waking up, who wants to be pretty and flirtatious, inside and out. May fears turn them into opportunities, enjoy enjoying a good conversation, a walk and every little detail of this wonderful life that is a gift.

“In Love” wants to underline this beautiful state in which we all felt ticklish in our belly when we are in love, when we feel love. That fly over the clouds and nothing else matters.

Between laughter, illusion and paper and pencil, this is how Bonica in Love started. With a lot of effort, we started to realize our designs, the first preparations started. We train, we investigate, we read a lot, but above all we bring out the best in us. And we define our style.

Nice style but a little daring

We like cute clothes, but far from childish. So we create our own style, Bonico and daring. You will see simple patterns with hints of scandal. A mixture between naive, our taste for fashion of the 50s and a lot of imagination.

Original Prints!

What has always united us are the engravings. For this reason, we have taken the greatest step by daring to design everything that a garment involves. From pattern to fabric. We had to be totally different and original, and designing our own fabrics was the key.

Abstract unicorns, beautifully formed clouds, old rockers, triangular strawberries… everything happens if it comes out of our crazy heads.

Streets of our city

Walking around and having coffee anywhere in our city have been our most fruitful inspiring gatherings. Our creativity is always found in the streets and in all these girls we meet who are full of dreams. Girls who work, have families, are trying to make the most of themselves and are courageous.

Do you laugh until your guts hurt you?

Our team has grown, we are becoming more and more a company with our own name and they are becoming more beautiful than the ones we dress.

For us, our story is really them, because with each passing day and we continue to design for real girls, we are happier. If you are one of those girls who laughs until their belly hurts, then you are in our history and we meet you in the street disguised as Bonica, we assure you that it is the most beautiful thing that can get to us!

Welcome to the world of Bonica, get in our balloon that we take you to travel your dreams with the most beautiful clothes in the world.

Ropa auténtica para gente original

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